Getting the best out of your thermostatic radiator valves

Using energy wisely without compromising comfort is a challenge to everyone, but becomes even more difficult when controls on energy use such as setting thermostatic valves on radiators can be overridden by the well meaning visitor negating the good work of the property staff. This can be a particular challenge in open visitor areas such as tea rooms and holiday cottages.  Turning valves up to maximum not only wastes energy but also creates additional work for staff in checking and re-setting valves.

Tamper proof valves that use pins to stop valves being turned once set can be fitted but visitors often mistake this for a stuck valve and force the valve to unscrew thus breaking the pin and sometimes also rendering the valve useless, thus creating further maintenance and replacement costs.

Cragside appears to have found the ideal solution, at least for the Restaurant,  with these clear plastic valve covers which have been designed to protect valves from tampering and mis-use.

Cragside Thermostaic Radiator Cover

The impact resistance cover fits over the complete valve head and is retained on using special  fixing screws provided.

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2 Responses to Getting the best out of your thermostatic radiator valves

  1. Michael Back says:

    Tony, I trust (excuse the pun), at the same time thay are fitting radiator reflectors?

    Michael Back (Radflek)

  2. Adam Sims says:

    Hey Tony,
    The point mention in the post is helpful, as i have also gone to the below link

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