Knowledge is power!

Better understanding what goes on in the minds of our staff and volunteers is crucial when it comes to improving our environmental performance. In this regard, we have conducted a survey to determine people’s awareness of the Trust’s Energy Strategy and to understand what motivates them to save energy and resources. After two weeks and over 220 responses collected, the hard work of analysing and interpreting the data could begin… and the results turned out to be quite interesting; we were able to discern several patterns and highlight areas of slow progress where we needed to focus our attention.

While at first, it seemed like little progress had been made over the last year, we realised when digging deeper that awareness has actually risen quite substantially, which is very encouraging! However, one of the main things this survey has brought to light is that a large portion of our volunteers are still unaware of our work, and what our energy strategy is or what it does!

With this in mind, we need to find new ways to engage with volunteers, to not only help them understand the issue at hand, but also, in a larger sense, contribute to embedding sustainable practices in their everyday behaviours! Communication is vital to getting our message across and finding new channels to engage with our audiences is the best way to reinforce our message, especially towards volunteers.

It will be very interesting to see this survey roll on to the next year, and compare the results with the current ones to determine what progress has been made, especially since the publication of our energy efficiency toolkit last month!


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