Hydro prospecting: following on from Keith’s earlier post

Mr. Jones on another hydro quest

Following on from Keith’s earlier blog…. On the way down to Aberdulais we stopped off in the Brecon Beacons to put a face to a name on the map. Mr Jones and I, armed with OS maps of rivers wanted to gain more detail on the practicalities and potential of several hydro sites.

Worth the walk

Worth the walk

Whereas five years ago I would have been thinking “what a fantastic view” and “I am really unhealthy “; I now find myself thinking “so what about grid connection”, “That makes the ideal pipe-route”, “we can place the turbine building there as aesthetically that looks like the best place”. Its at times like these that I realise how working with Keith has affected me!

It really was worth looking at these sites in person in order to fully understand the “what, where and how”. It was definitely worth the walk, but I am indeed unhealthy.

Oh yes, I got back to our office at Penrhyn castle to be greeted by a steam train being unloaded in the grounds. IMG_00000022Nothing if not varied!

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