Tredegar House – Back under the bonnet, and loving it



Friday was a good day. The sun was shining, the journey from North to South Wales glorious! 

And, I got back to basics with an initial environmental assessment meeting at the stunning Tredegar House. 

First up was a meeting with the property team and Redcotec in order to arrange a full energy survey of the property – a comprehensive look under the bonnet factoring in everything from insulation and lighting, to conservation heating controls and the potential to heat the mansion via lake based heat pumps.The aim is to develop a programme of efficiencies and improvements that are broken down into short term, medium term and longer term works. 

Tredegar House, along with Dyffryn Gardens are newly integrated into the National Trust, and as such provide huge opportunity to engage staff, volunteers and visitors in a real “show and tell” way. As we learn and improve we will be making certain that others can share and learn with us.

Surely the back of my head is famous by now?

Surely the back of my head is famous by now?

 Following the meeting we had a “nose around” with property staff Bob and Steve – I was in my element – electric meters, switch rooms, boilers and control systems.

We found a few “quick wins” such as a large hot water immersion tank that was only feeding one tap (we turned it off!), and began to gain an understanding of how energy is used on site and where we should initially focus.

Think there should be enough hot water for the sink?
Think there should be enough hot water for the sink?


 The day before travelling down I had a meeting with a specialist water and waste company to outline a similar approach to reviewing and prioritising water, waste and drainage works at Tredegar.

 Over the next couple of months we will be investigating every nook and cranny so that we can plan the plan. Will keep you posted……

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