Our wondrous treehouse workshop


Last week, staff in London and South East went on a bit of an adventure. We gathered people from across the region – from the beautiful White Cliffs of Dover, to the grand Hughenden Manor for a workshop. And not just any old workshop, we went deep in to the woods to a wonderful treehouse.


Having trouble crossing the bridge!

Having trouble crossing the bridge!

But why did we do this? Well, even though great things have happened (and are happening) in the region…we want to know how to increase the momentum and support. After all (as has been said time and again), people are key for making everything a success. We all have to be on the same page and be working together.

So head rangers sat alongside catering experts, managers and marketing consultants… while we all scratched our heads and thought “how can we do more?” What drives and motivates us, and what sometimes gets in the way. We were joined by the NGO Global Action Plan who helped tease out some of the answers to these questions. So many ideas and suggestions were put forward; it was fantastic to see the enthusiasm bubble through from this diverse crowd. Now to put it into action…the adventure continues.

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Hello! I work with the Environmental Practices team for the London & South East (LSE) National Trust.
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