and, and , and…whats the wood pellet cooker like?

Well its now been in for a month (Klover 120 wood pellet range cooker and boiler) or so and the questions are coming in from the outside world. What is our latest ‘toe dip’ into the murky world of wood pellet range cookers like? Arwyn the Hafod y Llan farm manager and I had a chat this morning around ‘whats the Rayburn replacement like to live with’ and Arwyn’s answer… “its ok”

One 15kg bag of pellets every three days (but it is warm and by Arwyn’s own admission he is no Hugh Furnely-Eatsitall) Took a day or so to understand the controls ie hot water, cooking or heating. Leave everything on and it will gobble-up a bag of pellets in a day. It will be interesting in Winter to see if the stove has the ware-with all to heat the house. So as Arwyn said “its ok”. Which is “ok” with me

Mr Owen trialling that latest offering in the world of wood pellet range cookers. Its "ok" as he said

Mr Owen trialling tha latest offering in the world of wood pellet range cookers. Its “ok” as he said


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15 Responses to and, and , and…whats the wood pellet cooker like?

  1. mattrfreestone says:

    Hello Keith,
    I am thinking of trailing a similar klover product in one of our tenanted properties at the Peak District National Park Authority.
    We are looking at the Klover Bifire Mid for a small farmhouse and on the surface i feel it would be well suited to the task. The outputs look more than adequate and the ability to use timber off of the estate or pellets for convenience. I’m also interested in the range type boiler for other properties

    My only concern is not having any experience whatsoever of Klover products and I’d appreciate any feedback you have regarding build quality, performance etc and any comments concerning the stated and actual outputs, predicted and actual fuel consumption and anything else you think might be relevant.

    Much appreciated.

    • Keith Jones says:

      sorry for the slow responce. so far…the quality feels and performs ok. Nice thick guage steel and simple controls. Lets see after our first winter but so far so good. we have plenty of experince with biomass and have multiple instals. this has worked ‘out of the box’ which is always a good sign. will blog again once we have had a cold spell. all the best. Keith

  2. Dean Bray says:

    Keith, I’m really waiting with bated breath for your next update! Please can you give us an update prior to Spring 2014 when the new RHI and tariff come in. I have found your tests the most practical and cant wait to see your results. Your blog is a major influence on what we will be installing in our heritage property. With that in mind the Klover is ummm, Euro Chic’ and not in keeping with our property, it there anything more traditional that matches the performance? Dean.

    • Keith Jones says:

      Dean. thanks for the kind words. It really depends what you want the system to do. there are plenty of systems out there which will cook with pellet, heat with pellet but we have not found anything which has enough heat output to do the both other than the klover (to date) if you go down the log front then the world opens up to you but less control and less automation. If you find something let me know as i would be interested in trailing more. All the best and Happy New Year

    • suzie says:

      Dean they are (so rumour has it) lauching a more traditional looking Klover at a trade show in Italy the middle of febuary, we are waiting on this and some more “over winter reports on the Klover for our 330yr old plus farmhouse

      • Zelah says:

        Hi Suzie
        Would love to hear more about the more traditional model – did they release it yet do you know?


      • Keith Jones says:

        Not heard anything…but also not been looking lately. have a look via Google to see if Klover make the traditional one?

      • suzie says:

        sounds like they are going to do a continental traditional model (ie tiles on it)
        silent on hob lids and traditional british look. I have been in touch with Tasha at firepower who seem to be the importers into this country, we have desided we can.t wait so are hopefully going
        ahead with the smart 120

      • Zelah says:

        Thanks Suzie and Keith. Nothing on their site as yet but I have emailed them to ask. Also emailed Aga to ask if they have anything in the pipeline and they said their R&D say no. Shame as I would have thought there would be a few takers.

  3. keithsutherland says:

    We’re thinking of installing a Klover 120 — how is it performing on heating/water/cooking? Who are the importers? I need to find a dealer/installer with MCS accreditation, ideally in the South West.
    Many thanks

  4. taggarc says:

    How has this worked over the winter period = up to expectations and what is the heat loss intot he room like when you only want hot water. thanks taggarc

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