Some hot tips on energy saving from the team at Clumber Park

 The Team at Clumber Park have recently started to really focus on their energy use, and more importantly, how to reduce it.  They are already seeing some fantastic results – so well done all!

The Catering Team have cut the monthly electricity use by 25% by:

  • Behavioural changes – everyone in the team is playing their part in making sure equipment and lights aren’t left on when not in use
  • Old ovens and dishwashers have been replaced with new efficient ones
  • Refrigerated equipment is being serviced regularly, which helps to maintain efficiency levels
  • Only switching on the hot pass just in time for food service to begin (rather than at the start of the staff shift)

Mike, Catering Team, with the new efficient ovens

 The Cleaning Team have been able to reduce energy use at the Cricket Ground toilets by a staggering 31% just through one simple measure – reducing lighting dramatically.  The lights, which are on a timed switch, are monitored, so as mornings and evenings get lighter the cleaning team have ensured this timer is set appropriately so that energy is not being used unnecessarily.


Jonny, Cleaning Team, with the new hand driers

The property has also just taken delivery of a batch of Dyson Air Blade hand dryers for all the public toilets, which are highly efficient and hygienic. So we hope to see ongoing improvements too.


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