You can’t cook Italian. New wood pellet range cooker is in.

Arwyn familiarism himself with the new wood pellet range cooker ready for the mass pizza and bread orders from John!

Arwyn familiarising himself with the new wood pellet range cooker ready for the mass pizza and bread orders from John!

I should correct the title of the blog. You can’t cook with the new wood pellet range cooker because all of the instructions are in Italian! (small mater) It’s finally in! The Klover 120 wood pellet stove has now been installed at the Hafod y Llan farm-house. This has replaced a not so efficient Rayburn oil range cooker and water heater. There is still a bit of work to do to modify the water distribution system into a bivalent system (it will call on the new LPG boiler if needed – which I hope it won’t!)

It is interesting to see that the blogs on our trials and tribulations of wood pellet range cookers and water heaters have been the single most viewed blogs. We have been looking for over three years now for a simple retrofit for the hundreds of Aga / Rayburn / Stanley / Esse type ranges. Lets see if this £6000 offering is it? (its will also be eligible for RHi payments according to the importer)

and now for those pizzas!

wonder if this will be a viable, cost effective replacement?

I wonder if this will be a viable, cost-effective replacement? We need to finish off the re tiling and new side shelves

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28 Responses to You can’t cook Italian. New wood pellet range cooker is in.

  1. Nice catalogue-man pose there by the new poster-boy for Klover Stoves!
    Great to see a “real” picture of one of these installed – far more useful than brochures.
    Thanks Keith.

  2. Beth says:

    I’ve just had one fitted. Heating and hot water – no problem. Great for warming things up, eg- soup, ok for cooking on the hotplate, eg soup. Not managed anything more interesting in the oven than a baked potato, but haven’t really been tried to be more adventurous yet. Would like to hear how you’re getting on with yours.

  3. suzie says:

    do you know where you can see one working we have a new but hopeless log burning cooker/boiler that is not fit for purpose need to sort a replacement quickly.

    Thank you

  4. Conrad says:

    Any updates on this Keith or Beth , living up to expectations on heat front, fuel usage. How frequently do you have to fill it . Thanks taggarc

    • Keith Jones says:

      i get this question very often and my stock answer is…depends how much heat and hot water you need. 1tonne of pellet is around 4000kwh and so deduct your heat need from that. Arwyn at the farm is using a 15kg bag a day but this goes up in his 3 bedroom farm house when it gets colder. sorry i can’t be more specific but it does does depend on what you need it to do

    • Beth says:

      Haven’t been on here for a while, but having got through last winter without feeling cold in my house and the lowest fuel bills ever – I have to say, I’m very happy with my Klover and can’t wait for the Autumn chills when I can start using it again.

      (I don’t normally get evangelical about stuff!)

  5. Steve says:

    Like Colin we’ve discovered the Klover online and are considering it as a replacement for a solid fuel rayburn. Just how controllable is the cooking side of it?

  6. Steve says:

    What I meant to ask was, how controllable is the cooking side? We’re looking to replace a solid fuel Rayburn and the Klover 120 would appear to be suitable.

  7. Steve says:

    We’ve been lucky in that there is an installer who lives within 30mins of us and has a Klover 120 himself, fitted about 18 months ago, so we were able to have a look at one in action. We’re pretty convinced that it will do the job for us – maybe we’ll need to buy some new, narrower, roasting tins!
    As it also incorporates the pump for the central heating it means a slight revamp of our system but that will be beneficial too.

  8. suzie says:

    we found an installer in north cornwall with one in his house if anyone else needs one, think we are going that route

  9. Kathrin says:

    How noisy is the Smart? Had a dual oil burner cooker before and it was very noisy particularly when the central heating boiler started up. Would hate to go down that road again! Replacing a Rayburn multi-fuel for something a little bit more efficient and with more control. Big question – what happens in the event of a power-cut???

    • Keith Jones says:

      In a power cut it goes off. It sounds quiet. but one persons quiet is another persons racket? worth you finding one and listening

      • Kathrin says:

        Thanks for that Steve. No where in the literature does it refer to any noise of the fan and obviously the pump. I feel that apart from the noise that being left without a heating source through winter power cuts makes this appliance unsuitable for us.

      • Kathrin says:

        Thanks Keith. Probably not the right appliance for us. Our current pump is located in the basement so no sound issues there! Too many power cuts here in the winter to be able to do without heating! It really needs some sort of power back up with so many electrical components.

      • Beth says:

        Hi Kathrin,
        Just thought you should be aware that the Klover is unlikely to be on all the time anyway unless you like your living conditions tropical. Mine operates on a timer and it heats the space to the temperature of the thermostat and then cuts out. The quality of your insulation is key to how much heat is retained. If you have powercuts that last for hours/days on end, then this really isn’t for you. If they are shorter-lived, then you might be able to live with it in view of the other benefits of this stove.

  10. Steve says:

    After a multi-fuel Rayburn – which is dead quiet – then it will seem noisy as it incorporates a fan and central heating pump. But the sound of the fan varies depending on how hard it’s burning. You also get the lovely little tinkle of the pellets dropping down the shute into the burner.
    We’ve had ours in since April, but note that it is no longer eligible for RHI payments.

    • Beth says:

      Hi Steve,
      The jury’s still out regarding RHI payments for this stove – that is, there have been so many challenges to its being left out that the DECC are reconsidering it, but still have not made up their mind yet. That’s what I was told in an online Q&A a few days ago. (
      I suggest a letter to your MP…

      • Steve says:

        Done the letter to the MP and had a response from DECC. Reading between the lines they are suggesting that even if they do change their minds it may not apply retrospectively.

      • Beth says:

        I think that would be worth a challenge also. So, watch this space…

  11. Ippolito says:

    Renseignements en français SVP.

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