How do we engage with renewables. Show and tell…but in a different way!

Renewables engagement at all levels. Games we hope can also work.

Renewables engagement at all levels. Games we hope can also work in raising awareness.

As well as the ‘doing and installing renewables bit’ and within what we call the ‘fit for the future’ program within the National Trust. We have another objective which is to share and raise awareness. This blog is in fact is part of part of this work. Share as we learn sort of thing. We are now a few years into the doing and learning and have started to look at the sharing in quite a bit more detail and also at how we can innovate. Interestingly looking at the diagnostics side of the blog and we have counted people from a 137 countries had viewed the blog site in the last 12 months. The Game cards developed by Nia, Paul and myself (especially Nia!) highlighted above are another part of this renewables engagement work. Interestingly a teacher friend of mine wants a few packs because it hits so many of the key stages at school. Maths to physics, History to geography and in a game (good but an unintended consequence!) . If you fancy a pack come and see us at the National Trust stand at Hay International literary festival!

The work with Coleg Menai students is also going well. We have two on going projects with the students there. One which is to interperate the hydro work on Snowdon and the second  is a large art and renewables exhibition is to be hosted at Plas Newydd and will be followed by a touring exhibition…its all go. Like the renewables we are learning as we go on what works in the world of renewables and engagement. (suggestions on a post card!)

concept drawing of a 3D graphic which is being deigned for the farm

Concept drawing by Ryan Horne of a 3D graphic which is being deigned for the farm. Thanks to Jayne for all of her hard work!

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