Around the World in 80 seconds – our video conferencing is up and running

Ilan-and-the-webexOver the last few weeks Lucy Hale (Msc intern working with Keith and I) has been working with our business support team to finalise the video-conferencing facilities for the NT in Wales.

The driver (excuse the really bad pun) has been to reduce the amount of business mileage accumulated across Wales. Our geography presents unique challenges, with the very nature of our daily operations meaning that Vehicle travel is high in order that our consultants can simply do their jobs.

Arrived at the Wales Office on Friday to be told that “you need to see this” by Karen Carciero our business support senior coordinator –  Ilan Jones, one of our rural surveying team was conducting an interview with a new prospective tenant.

Nothing very exciting you are thinking. Agreed, except that Ilan was in the meeting room in Llandudno, and the prospective tenant was 11,309 miles away in New Zealand!

Fantastic use of this new facility and I could not help myself and had to take some pictures and wave in the background.

Lucy is now working up the practicalities of making video-conferencing facilities available to every property so that all Wales staff can link in to meetings without having to travel vast distances. Will keep you posted

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