Vendace spotting !

Not to be outdone by our colleagues in Wales, we decided to have a play in the water as well Today. Typically, our first rain for a few weeks !

There’s some fantastic work going on with renewables in the NT but our roles cover a vast range of environmental issues, not least reducing the risk from pollution. Today was one of those days you really feel you can make a difference – ensuring our most precious assests in the Lake District (The Lakes and the biodiversity within them !) are not impacted on from the NT’s activities or infrastructure. We have many septic tanks, sewage treatment plants and oil tanks serving our in-hand and let estate which we have invested in heavily in the past few years and this work continues. …

Working with a fantastic buch of chaps from a local diving team we traced and inspected an oil pipe and other services across the lake bed at Derwentwater this morning, ensuring they were fit for purpose and not presenting a risk of pollution in the Lake. It’s absoloutely critical the NT do this sort of work and soon, we’ll be starting our Environmental Management System in the region to ensure we are aware of all our impacts and opportunities and in every ‘nook and cranny’.

DerwentIsland pipeinspection 017

The debrief, the Island and behind the trees, Derwentwater Island House

Diver & background scene

Where are you off to ? I’m not sure the Lake District Tourist board have a hard job to sell this place, even on a dull was truly ‘atmospheric’ on the lake !


Not sure if the Lake is warmer than the Menai Straights but it was lovey and clear, perfect for the inspection, but still no Vendace spotted !

Ultimately, we want to get off oil altogether but heating a large draughty house on an Island has its challenges. Water source heat pump, biomass or a hybrid renewable energy solution with some serious draughtproofing ( a grade 2 listed building) are all serious contenders …oh dear, I’m talking about exciting renewable energy projects already ! Needless to say, I did ask the divers what they felt about installing coils, transporting biomass across a lake and handling hundreds of bags of pellets – it’s good to get feedback !

JCC lights

Walking back after the dive, it was good to pop in to our new NT shop which is being constructed on the foreshore – great to see the sparky had just fitted the new LED’s on tracks and behind the skim, some serious thermal board insulation. Would make a great contender for an air to air source heat pump !

More to come from the NW and this special corner of England !

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