What is the social value of a hydro?

Mark Walton. Last Thursday looking at the nuts and bolts of the Snowdon hydro

Mark Walton. Last Thursday looking at the nuts and bolts of the Snowdon hydro

Have just spent a couple of days with Mark who is a Clore Leadership Programme and has started the ‘shared assets‘ company. Mark will be spending the next 9 weeks with us looking at a specific area namely to understand the social value of renewable s beyond the simple economic outcomes. I don’t envy his task because of the multiple aspects and could turn into a woolly task but I also think the insights he will bring and develop will help greatly in seeing beyond the money . This could be in the form of new metric or tool kits which will help us to understanding the ‘value’ of this form of  work. I have always been of the opinion that renewables can deliver so much more than simple cash and kilowatts. Setting the social measures of success now will also help in the long-term evaluation of the impact and the approaches that we take

Another of his research areas with us will be looking at a simple clause in the charity act which is being a bit problematic or should I say is complicating our joint venture ambition with communities, It is section thirty-six which is to do with the ‘fair and reasonable’ return for the use of a charities assets. This is currently and simply measured in monetary terms but could be so much more esp when viewed with social value being looked at above (nice link!).

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4 Responses to What is the social value of a hydro?

  1. A really interesting project Keith. I would suggest Mark hook up with Phillip Leicester at Loughborough University who is doing a similar study. I can give you details offline if he would like them.

  2. Very interesting, Keith; thanks for the heads-up Carl. I’m interested in how you go about this. I’m developing probablistic models to predict triple bottom line indicators for solar PV in deprived communities.

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