Discovering hot lights and pipes!

We have a thermal imaging camera which we use for a number of different reasons, but mainly to work out the areas of greatest heat loss in a building and, therefore, where to target our resources for energy efficiency improvements.   Helen and Ellie at Polesden Lacey recently used it to identify hot water pipes throughout the building which was very useful as they had no maps for the heating system.  They even managed to trace the pathway and, therefore, use of the mystery pipe in the basement!

They also found some interesting results with their new LED lighting.  The camera showed the difference in the heat of the pendant lights with an LED bulb and a traditional 60W bulb after the lights had been on all day.  They were very impressed.

LED vs 60W Bulbs at Polesden Lacey

LED vs 60W Bulbs at Polesden Lacey

Helen and Ellie also took thermal images of the picture lights where we have installed 2W LED capsule bulbs to light the sensitive paintings.  The images showed a marked difference in heat, not only of the bulb but also of the surface temp of the painting. The pictures lit by LEDs had a lower temperature and more consistent heat over the whole surface of the painting.

I am aware that we are not yet getting all the benefits we could from the camera and am looking forward to spending more time discovering its various uses and using the results to build cases for further energy improvements in our buildings.


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