wood pellet range cooker. i wonder if we have a like for like replacement?


Klover 120 wood pellet range cooker and water heater. Lets see if its fit for our purpose

Down in Portsmouth today to look at a Port Marine source heat pump. (but that is another blog) on the way down we popped into the NAPIT renewable energy training centre to view a renewable energy holly grail (well mine anyway) have been looking for a few years now for a cost-effective, efficient and effective replacement for the hundreds of oil range cookers and heaters we have in the National Trust (Aga, Rayburn, Stanley, Esse and so on). We have unsuccessfully piloted the use of a pellet and wood Lohberger before as can be read in a previous blog. The low heat and hot water output was the issue at the site where it was trailed. We now have another candidate in the Klover 120. The main difference seems to be better control system (the boiler can call on another heat source if required) one fuel type which is pellet (the other stove burned two) and a much simpler overall approach to serviceability

with a combined heat output of 22kw (5 and 17kw) this a few time more than that of the Lohberger. Initial concerns are around the ability to modulate to a low enough level, the lack of hot plate cover (which is being addressed with a retro fit system) the 4″ flue (for cleaning and clarification for building regs but we were informed that the manufacturer had dealt with this)

On the plus side was the cost of around £6k plus instilation and the aspect which sold the pilot was the fact that the stove is undergoing MCS accreditation and we could be looking at RHi income which makes the business case a no brainer. Oh and having an installer in nearby Flint also helps. We now need to make sure the range cooker delivers on the practical day-to-day front. Holly Grail…? Lets see!

the servicability was good. would not fit it tight into a kitch as you need acess to the side panels and the flue could do with 4" or so gap behind to clean it properly.

the serviceability was good. would not fit it tight into a kitchen as you need access to the side panels and the flue could do with 4″ or so gap behind to clean it properly.

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10 Responses to wood pellet range cooker. i wonder if we have a like for like replacement?

  1. Brian Emeney says:

    I was interested to read about your experience with the Lohberger and will be looking out for more posts about the Klover 120. Apart from the limited boiler output from the Lohberger, how did the tenants get on with it on a day to day basis? We’re looking at installing a wood fuelled range cooker / boiler in a reasonably well insulated 1960s house, so the 7kw output of the Lohberger might be sufficient. Would be good to see one or both of these beasts in the metal but we haven’t managed to find a dealer here in East Anglia so far.

    • Keith Jones says:

      Hi Brian

      The Lohberger was ok as long as you stuck to pellets. The timber had to be kiln dried if you wanted the rated output. Klover has arrived at the farm and waiting instillation. Will let you know. All the best

      • Brian Emeney says:

        Hi Keith,
        We found a local dealer for the Lohberger stove but when I spoke to him he said that he had never sold one. He had attended a training course and was very impressed with the quality and design of the stove but thought that the electronic control system was too complex for Norfolk farmers! I look forward to hearing about your experience with the Klover.

      • Keith Jones says:

        watch the blog as we learn! all the best

  2. Albert Storer says:

    hello out there how is the Klover range cooker doing have you any further updates

  3. suzie says:

    how is it coping? we have a new but hopeless wood fired cooker/boiler that we need to swap.

  4. Dave says:

    Hi Keith, great article, been very useful so far! Would you mind sharing how much you paid for installation and extra parts? We’ve just had a quote which is coming in it at more than the cost of the Klover 120 itself, which I am a little apprehensive about. This would include installation of a smallish hot water tank, lining an existing chimney and connecting to an existing radiator circuit upstairs and new underfloor heating circuit downstairs. We had budgeted/guesstimated max £4k for this originally.

    • Keith Jones says:

      sorry Dave I missed this. The stove was around £6k but we were plugging it into and existing flue (for the old aga) we installed a H20 heat exchanger which was another £1k as we were running it as a bi-valanet with another boiler for the trial (we have now removed the other boiler) the instillation costs will be dependent on your exiting hydraulic system and also how much adaptation of your house. I would look into if they have completed the auto feed external tank (stoves online were developing) get some plumbers in (Hetas accredited) for prices. all the best. Keith

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