Hafod y Llan farm house – looks like we have a heating strategy

Thanks to all those who commented on the previous blog around what heating system to go for in Hafod y Llan the Snowdon farm. The feedback was nicely split between biomass and heat pump. You’ll be glad to know we have decided to go for…..(X factor delay) both! But not in the traditional one systems heats all.

The three objectives for the farm-house were a) value for money and b) repeatable c) get off oil. The quotes we got back for dedicated all singing systems in terms of biomass and heat pump where eye watering and failed on the repeatable hurdle. (would visiting farmers take it on?).

clearview 500

First reduce. Next week sees 22 secondary (£5k) glazing units fitted to the farm-house, the insulation will be maxed to 300mm in the attic. We are also mid quote for external insulation for the house (first quotes were a bit extreme and failed on the value for money front) but we have confidence that Emyr the building surveyor can detail the building to bring the price per m3 down for the 150 to 200mm external insulation. Ventilation is also being detailed for the house especially around the wet areas and feeding the current log stoves.

We then get into the heat bit which is much easier especially on the reduced load because of the above measures. The current oil Rayburn will be replaced with a new generation pellet range cooker and back boiler.(we are looking for a value for money retrofit)  Our previous trial with one of these was not very successful but its good to see more choice out there with greater capacities. (There will be an additional slot in induction hob for summer cooking) this will be backed up with a LPG boiler replacing the old oil boiler (straightforward and relatively cheap install) Finally the shepherds flat in the house will be removed off the main wet system and have a dedicated air source heat pump (different heat utilisation and occupation patterns)

Lets see! Will share as we learn. Main lesson learnt – one size does not fit all and Green Deal has a huge challenge to deliver on its aspirations if this one house is anything to go with.

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