Welsh biomass, biomass, biomass…makes a change from hydro

Stackpole 380kw biomass and the small clearview stove in Colby. two boxes for burning wood. £250k difference though

Stackpole Froling 380kw wood chip biomass installed by Dulas and the small Clearview 500 stove in Colby. Two boxes for burning wood. £250k difference though

last 8 months has been nothing but hydro (feels like it) On the recent few days to Pembrokeshire allowed me to have a look at a few biomasses we have been involved in one guise or another. The first one yesterday morning was the rather large 380kw chip system at the Stackpole center. This replaced 17 lpg boilers, yes that’s right 17! I thought we were shoe horning a large boiler, 10,000ltr buffer tank and a fast feed auger store in a couple of small spaces. But when I saw the final results yesterday the Froling boiler fits in well with plenty of servicing room around the system. Overall the boiler is working really well. Feedback from the team at the site was we needed to get a better handle on the BMS but overall the box which does the burning is working well. From here it was over to Colby woodland garden to see biomass at the other end of the spectrum. A pair of Clearview log burners installed in the tea room for space heating (also a small oven in the second system for that added baked potato and crumble smell) again working well. Feedback from Steve that the system was not closing down as well as he was expecting. Seal or door fitting issue. But there is nothing like the warmth of a fire in such a space. Other option was for an air to air heat pump. Glad they went for the fire option. As my wife’s grandmother said about a fire, ‘its good company’


PCNP 100kw Froling with an external pellet store

Finally it was over to see another Froling recently installed at the Pembrokeshire National Park HQ. 100kw with an external pellet store. …nice! I think I am getting very sad when my definition of a good day is a decently designed and installed biomass. (where did my life go?)

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6 Responses to Welsh biomass, biomass, biomass…makes a change from hydro

  1. Tim says:

    Keith, it is excellent to see such an enthusistic uptake of biomass by the NT in Wales. Now that you have had quite extensive experience with these systems, how reliable are you finding them? Is there a need for backup gas or LPG boilers to remain/operate while the staff get used to the new biomass systems? I imagine that as the number of installations and experience with these systems increases the need for large ‘backup’ systems falls away.

    • Keith Jones says:

      we have quite a few years of experience in biomass under our belt. we have about 25 systems in place and 90% of them have no backup. The biggest is the Chirk castle system at 450kw and has no backup but has two biomass boilers (summer and combined winter loading) Fuel, heat loss and design being the critical aspects. The box that does the burning is then fine to do what its supposed to. have seen a lot of backup systems become the primary systems as a badly designed biomass is simply forgotten and left in the corner. I find not having backup makes the M&E person sharpen their pencil and the client has to think a lot more in drafting the brief

  2. Andrew Muskett says:

    You were right…ours is tiny in comparison…!…I do prefer red though!!

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