Hydro, hydro, hydro…what more can i say! Prospecting continues

Crock of gold at the end of... the access to the weir and the entire length of the hydro is superb

Crock of gold at the end of… the access to the weir and the entire length of the hydro is superb

Today another steep slope, grid spotting and access evaluation. I was over in the Ysbyty area with a neighbour and tenant looking at something they want to develop. The something turned out to be one of the best 100kw hydro sites I have seen. Superb access, the 11kv grid was about 10m away and the site had 80+ meters of head on a river which is outside of the SAC and 15m of waterfall means no migratory fish. The ingredients look right but now comes the slog for the neighbour. I was there to help and to point out what he needs to look for. It’s going to be an interesting 2 to 3 years for him if he decides to go for it

To update those of you following the blog. The 100kw Craflwyn hydro is now the proud owner of an abstraction license and should be in for planning in the next month (or so!). Llyn Llagi 100kw hydro has been submitted for its full abstraction and Berthnen 100kw hydro is currently in full feasibility. The 13t digger arrived today to start on the lower section of the 640kw Hydro on Snowdon, the 500kw community hydro will be launching its battery of surveys next week and finally the turbine and control system for the 15kw Gorsen hydro is currently being built. Oh and we start on the feasibility for the 50kw upper Taf and, and, and…its all go should we say

On the way back to the office we popped over to see the Pandy Mill 100kw Archimedean Screw. There is nothing like a very large piece of steel to quicken the heart of a hydro enthusiast and this is the largest in Wales. This site also had something I have not seen in Wales before. Because the screw was in the water course it was taking all of the water from the river and not the usual flow split.

Pandy Mill 100kw Archemedian screw. Heavy engineering in a tight space

Pandy Mill 100kw Archimedean screw. Heavy engineering in a tight space. All of the water was going down the screw.

Down to Pembrokeshire tomorrow to move into the next phase of the external consultancy work…watch this blog!

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