A brighter future for Midlands properties

The Trust in the Midlands was successful in securing funding of £31,000 from the Arts Council England to replace tungsten and compact fluorescent light bulbs in our registered museums with LED lamps. We have now replaced over 1,800 light bulbs in 24 properties. The new LED lamps are a good design and meet our curatorial and conservation requirements – many thanks to the work that my colleagues in Wales and Centre did with Heritage Lighting Ltd. to get this right.

The feedback I’ve received from property staff is that the LED lamps look right and are ‘nice and twinkly’ – and, more importantly, pass the acid test: has anyone noticed they’ve been swapped? I know this may sound odd, but frankly, if no one has noticed, then it must be right – we’ve replaced a ‘like for like’ whilst reducing our energy use, saving money and protecting our contents – a win, win, win!

lights on after changeover1

We’ve estimated that the LED lamps will save 70,500kWh per year, which equates to £7,050, saving over £200,000 over the life span of the LED bulbs (much longer than ordinary bulbs) as well as minimising potential damaging effects of light to our collections and interiors – so what’s not to like? Thank you Arts Council England for funding the purchase of these lamps.

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