Community hydro progress.

Anafon in spate - lots of hydro juice

Anafon in spate – lots of hydro juice

Those of you following the blog will know of the joint venture with the village of Abergwyngregyn and looking at a possible 500kw hydro on the Anafon river. The Magic mushroom issue (rare form of the fungus) which was found has now been dealt with by moving the proposed pipe a significant distance away from the rare species. Last week the community group received a European Grant via the Welsh Governments Community Energy (Ynni’r Fro) scheme to launch into full feasibility and surveying mode. (we have to be carefull with state aid and eligibility for the FIT with any public funding) archaeology probably being the most important in this phase as well as the need for a topographical survey. There is also the small mater of detailed survey of the pipe route, lichens, bryophytes, otters, birds …and so much more. But we have to make sure we know what we are dealing with before we start on any detailed design and possible mitigation. We still have an issue with the grid though and this needs sorting. Looks like the local grid is good for <300kw and cost an arm and a leg to take it to the full 500kw because of the need for local voltage regulation. But ecology and archaeology are king on this project and lets see how much water is enough water before getting embroiled in the technical aspects. There is a job of work to do first to fully understand the natural environment before dashing for the solution

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