Being more resilient in 2013

Whilst I’m sat in the warm, next to my fire, I can’t help thinking about the many families who are going to having a disrupted Christmas because of flooding. For some, their travel and Christmas plans will have been completely up-turned, but for many, the story is sadly far worse, with dwellings flooded, lives lost and more people still at risk as it continues to rain.

It makes the 4″ of water on my lawn, and the need for wellies to fetch wood for the fire, a pathetic hardship and one barely worth a mention. My thoughts are with those who are really suffering.Image0148

The Trust also needs to prepare to be more resilient to climate change – the risk of flooding being just one of those. I think that this will have to be higher up the Trust’s priority list than it perhaps has to date – it’s not just our properties and contents that we need to think about, but the damage to our parkland and wider landscapes – many of our farming tenants will be struggling with finding safe places to graze stock and dealing with the adverse effects of waterlogged ground on animal welfare. For arable farmers, the damage to wide swathes of crops is evident on the TV news every night – the costs of winter crops and animal feedstocks are again likely to rise as a result – are we all ready to pay the price? Some ‘food’ for thought over the festive break….

Whatever you and your family are doing over Christmas I hope that you manage to enjoy it and make it memorable.

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2 Responses to Being more resilient in 2013

  1. Chairs, we too were just watching the news feeling desperately sorry for those affected by flooding this Christmas. I think the difficulty for most people is needing a tangible link between our behaviours and climate change, and this is not helped by the lack of a coherent message or our nation. Well done the National Trust for stepping into the gap and providing some leadership. Wishing you all a Happy Christmas.

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