Review of the year. NT Wales done good on the environmental front

Tryfan - trainee environmental advisor showing off the latest in energy efficient water heaters

Tryfan – my trainee environmental advisor showing off the latest in energy-efficient water heaters. Paul has just added a new trainee advisor into the fold as of yesterday ! (Congratulations Paul and Sarah!)

Now that we are all settling down for a couple of weeks of decadence thought we would have a go at looking back over the last 12 months to see how much further forward we are here in the National Trust in Wales on our ‘fit for the future’ journey.

On the energy front the beginning of the year was a bit manic with the ever-moving FIT bar and getting our PV in on time and to budget. We now have 7 mansion solar PV sites in (50kw systems) and quite a few smaller ones in including the completion of the 10kw Hafod y Llan system last month.

Biomass roll out continues with the completion of the 350kw Stackpole biomass system (the site used to be the heaviest LPG user in the NT) Volunteer base at Beli Gwennol got its 25kw pellet system. Lets not get into the nightmare which is the RHi process (its the season to be jolly an all that) 2012 also saw the continued roll out of a further 10 heat pumps and we continue with the development of the 360kw marine source heat pump. But that’s for 2013

On the generation front we also got our long-awaited planning permission for the 640kw Snowdon hydro at Hafod y Llan and last week saw us cutting the turf on the 15kw Gorsen hydro again on Snowdon. Craflwyn and Llagi 100kw hydros are also in for full abstraction applications. The Anafon Community 500kw hydro is in full survey mode.

On the energy efficiency front the continued learning around LED continues. Few mansions more with LED in plus overhauling Hafod y Llan farm.

Its been a good year on the award front. The highlight was receiving the Ashden Gold award earlier in the year. But also finalists in quite a few more and also winning the UK water efficiency award for our innovation work. this year also saw us reaching the highest level in our Environmental Management system

  • Whats been good? – getting going on with the big hydro projects
  • Not so good – slipping on our energy efficiency (we are still 35% less than 2o09)
  • Overall – we ended the year better than we started in terms of environmental impact = sustainable development!
  • What do we want to maintain – having fun!

2013 – whats to come this year? (hopefully with a following wind and some luck)

  • completion of the 640kw and 15kw hydros
  • starting on one of the 100kw hydro’s
  • another hopefully! we build the marine source heat pump
  • launching the fit for the future network on the national stage
  • gaining planning permission on the 500kw community hydro
  • launching two more community energy initiatives
  • completing the trial on the external consultancy
  • formalising our energy sleeving work!
  • finishing the electric vehicle charging network (plus a few more transport initiatives…wait and see)
  • getting back on track on the energy efficiency
  • establishing a sustainable resource management regime (wait and see…)
  • overhauling our waste management
  • few more irons with the fire…

another busy year for the National Trust in Wales!

Cascading Boilers (with my daughter)

Cascading Boilers at Dyffryn Mymbyr (with my daughter)


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4 Responses to Review of the year. NT Wales done good on the environmental front

  1. charisfowler says:

    Loving our new recruits – can you send them on ‘holiday’ over here in the Midlands? I could do with a few Christmas helpers for the whole of 2013!

  2. Keith, a huge well done to you, Paul, and everyone else involved this year. All large organisations have inertia, but the energy you have applied has certainly started to overcome this. I am sure that 2013 be a time of building momentum! Have a very happy, peaceful, and blog-free Christmas.

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