Hello my name is Charis and I’m one of the two Environmental Practices Advisers (EPAs) in the Midlands. The role of the EPAs has already been explained very well by several of my colleagues in previous posts (or see ‘THE TEAM’ page on this site). I’m doing very much the same in the Midlands, alongside my colleague Kathryn Akers.

Our main focus over the last six months has been working closely with our marketing colleagues to implement a communications plan for our Midlands Energy Strategy. The main focus of our Energy Strategy is energy efficiency and in particular achieving sustained behaviour change among our staff and volunteers, to ensure that energy efficient behaviour becomes part of our culture. Our Environmental Intern has been instrumental in getting this underway – thanks Jenni Yarwood!

Our communications plan has three stages:
1. Inform – first we undertook a survey so we understood the…

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