Hello from the East

Hello, I am the Environmental Practices Adviser for the beautiful East of England. Different geography altogether: gently undulating (OK sometimes flat) rather than hilly, so you won’t be hearing much about hydro schemes from me – in fact at the beginning of the year we were discussing drought management plans over here. We do have lots of woodland, so always on the lookout for biomass opportunities; and a coastline which can disappear by a few metres overnight, so plenty of environmental challenges. But much of the day job is unglam, mundane even…I have a fascinating collection of photos of meters if you’d like to see them… but so varied that it’s fantastic. So what am I trying to squeeze in before Christmas? Looking at how much energy is used per guest at our holiday cottages; chatting to properties that have used loads more energy this year compared to last to try to get a better understanding of why; sticking my nose into ‘other people’s’ projects to see where there are environmental opportunities; and prep work for our environmental management system next year. Did you go to sleep when I mentioned the EMS? This is actually the bit I am most excited about. There I said it out loud; this is like being at a meeting of environnmentalists-not-so-anonymous. Put crudely, I love EMS because to me it aims to answer two fundamental questions: what are our main environmental impacts and what are we doing about them? And you get to nose around our fab properties, asking stupid questions – I’m not too bad at that bit. Doing this the other day at Felbrigg Hall, we discovered a timeline of electrical heaters hidden in a store room, even some art-deco bakelite ones. I am pretty sure – hope? – they are not still in use, but all part of the story of the way the place used to be heated and not something you see everyday. That’s why it’s fun.

bakelite heaters

About Miranda Campbell

I am the Environmental Practices Adviser for the East of England region of the National Trust
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3 Responses to Hello from the East

  1. Keith Jones says:

    welcome to the dark side – or should i say green. Really nice blog and have a feeling the non hydro parts of the country will have more to say as we seem fixated at the moment

  2. Paul Southall says:

    Welcome the the world of blogs!

    “Hi my name is Paul and I am addicted to EMS”

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