Sharing our lessons – its good to talk renewables

University of Bangor Sustaible management master students at Craflwyn. The site of what we hope will be the next 100kw hydro

University of Bangor Sustainable management master students at Craflwyn. The site of what we hope will be the next 100kw hydro

Yesterday was taken up with sharing our lessons around environmental impact and the environmental impact assessment process. 10 sustainability management masters students for the University of Bangor. We spent the day looking around the NTs energy generation sites to understand the steps we have taken in terms of understanding, mitigating or not developing. All within the context of Environmental Impact assessment aspect of the planning process. The main lesson we have learnt is; that it’s the communication and dialogue process with the statutory bodies and stake holders which is key. The submitted piece of paper at the end is just the sum total of all the advice, surveying and opinion of ‘experts’, interested bodies and individuals. There is a saying which goes ‘if you want 5 opinions ask 3 economists’ same goes for ecologists especially when trying to weave a way through all of features and potential impacts of a development. The key is in constant dialogue and not entrenching when an ecological, archaeological or technical issue can seemingly stop the project in its tracks. Yes we have seen some projects have to be stopped but only after a full, honest and open discussion with all. From a personal perspective everybody i have dealt with does support the renewables work its just we all have differing opinions on what is appropriate and acceptable and this is where the dialogue is essential to enable an informed decision. It was a good day with the students and it also got us thinking beyond the process aspect

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