have you seen the new PV? “no, where is it?” Exactly!

hafod y llan cattle shed dressed in its new PV

Hafod y Llan cattle shed dressed in its new PV

Really pleased with the results of the latest solar power station role out. The cattle shed on our  Snowdon Farm is the recipient of the latest PV install. The site is within a National Park, on the flanks of an iconic mountain and we have 60,000 walkers looking down on the sheds. (no pressure in getting it right!) It is also gratifying that i also have to point out that we have now completed the work to people. (people keep passing it without noticing)  There are places for obvious renewables such as in the middle of the car park at Penrhyn castle. But there are also sites where it may not be appropriate to shout too loudly because people are there for a different purpose. The anodised mounting system and panel frames along with the dark panels really do look great (appropriateness is in the eye of the beholder…) Prescient Power delivered exactly what we wanted. We need the energy but don’t really need to see it!

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