Southwood farm in Pembrokshire – long game but the work has started

South side of the farm with the potential PV sites.

Yesterday was Pembrokshire. Down there looking at lowering the impact of an iron age village (more on that later) and had a look-see at progress on Southwood farm project near Newgale in Pembrokeshire. The farm was left to the NT a few years ago and the team have been looking at how to develop and add value to the site using the principles of sustainable development. Everything from managing the soils better through to energy and environmental footprint. Spent the morning with Andrew the Senior Ranger. It is always good to see progress and from a techno geek side it’s also good to see a nice chunky biomass system. I was there to look at the suitability of the site for PV. Subject to a grid assessment this site has a few good options ranging from a roof mounted system on the new shed through to a ground mounted 50kw system along the hedge bank. the exciting part of the site are the proposals for the range of stunning old agricultural buildings and also as a base for the Welsh black cattle the NT use to manage the heathland. The site will be hosing quite a few events over the next year (look-see under the bonnet) Much more to come from this site

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