Simple Things – A follow on

Thought I would follow up on the blog Malcolm posted a couple of days back about how the National Trust has an important role to play as “caretakers of the places that contribute hugely to the character of our local areas and our own personal sense of place.”

Work has been underway for some time, one example being  “From Source to Sea” (Source to sea) documenting case studies of work happening across the National Trust.

From Keith and my perspective in Wales, we are working with the Welsh Government via the “Historic Environment Group” to turn research into “toolkits” to provide adaptive responses and mitigation planning to reduce impacts on the historic assets in Wales.

The HEG sub-group (National Trust / Cadw / Countryside Council for Wales / Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical monuments of Wales / Institute for Historic Building Conservation / Historic Research Wales / Heritage Lottery Fund) are focussing on

  • Identifying and assessing historic assets in Wales
  • Producing risk assessments based upon sensitivity to change, liklihood and impact
  • Implement adaptation solutions using our properties as examples of what can be done

The end result assists in the prioritisation of “what to do and where to do it”, rather than simply trying to do everything everywhere all at once.

Although only one small element in the wider picture, we keep saying that every journey starts with a single step. In this way we can continue to build on the good work already underway  to provide solutions and responses “at the coal face” – Research is great, but what does it mean to me? Can I replicate in my own home and community what we have been doing at our National Trust properties?

Energy efficiency and the integration of renewable technologies across our estates is definitely a part of this; as is planning for the “uncertainty” so that we are better placed to respond.

Really fancy eating soup by a log fire now though – cheers Malcolm. I will though give the hessian underwear a miss (chafing issue!)

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