A week of immersion in hydro

4 days of hydro at the Center for Alternative Technology. Deep and detailed

This week has been wall to wall hydro. Most of the week was taken up by a hydro course at the Centre for Alternative Technology. Getting to understand the nitty-gritty of pipes, generators, grid, surveying and so on. Very deep into hydro and very quickly. It’s now a time to take stock and apply what both Paul and I learnt. It was an interesting week the three people we most work with energy were the three lecturing on the course. Contractors / consultants turned lecturers. The old adage that ‘those that can, do’. these lecturers we have worked with for years and they certainly ‘ do the doing as well and teach.

On the way  home everyday after we were  spoon fed hydro think we have come up with two more sites to add to the list. The latest farm which has come into NT management is Llyndu in Snowdonia, popping into the farm we came across what looks like a nice 40kw system using the streams flowing through the farm.

Llyndu site. one of the streams flowing down to the farmyard. think we could power the farm from the two streams plus generate a sustainable income for the conservation of the area. But too early to call




















It has also been interesting seeing the Snowdonia National Park Authority develop their own hydro at the study center near Maentwrog (Plas Tan y Bwlch). this is a site of an old system dating back to 1894 and is now about to gain a new <50kw system. The interesting aspect is the surface mounted pipe they have threaded through the woodland on steel peers. I take it for ground protection and root protection. would be interested to see the figs in terms of actual ground pressure and impact on the roots and what the additional cost is. Best ask them i suppose!

Pipe threading its way through the woodland. Cutaway on the upper right shows the mounting system

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3 Responses to A week of immersion in hydro

  1. Would be interested to know who gave the course and whether more are planned –
    Gavin (Micro Hydro Association administrator)

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