…one of the wettest water catchments in the UK. Energy work going great guns at the Snowdon farm

it was wet – really really wet. 10kw PV being mounted on the cattle shed. at least they will be clean in this valley. interesting to see what the clouds will do in terms of long term production

Nantgwynant lived up to its billing today as one of the wettest places in the UK. The place is  running neck and neck with Seathwait in the lakes. This might be the reason why we are installing two hydros on the farm! Today was a hectic day at the ‘fit for the future’ farm of Hafod y Llan on Snowdon. We had heritage lighting overhauling the lighting with state of the art LED, Prescient Power  braving the elements installing the new PV solar power station on the cattle shed and GH Jones working on the access track for the new big hydro. To top it off we had a film cameraman capturing the work for posterity and adding some stock footage for a future project. Oh and the  day-to-day running of a large mountain farm was happening around this energy activity. To top it off it was a wee bit damp. Good to see such rapid progress in atrocious weather. Medal of the day goes to the lads from Prescient who did not stop all day in getting the panels on a very wet building. The black anodised frame and mounting looking superb and blending in well

Nuff said – yours truly swanning around whilst everybody else was busy doing proper work

and the prize for the most determined contractors goes to Prescient Power – well done lands and thanks. Towels are on me!

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