Snowdon farm solar PV power station and our shed is not strong enough!

scaffold up yesterday for the new 10kw PV system on the shed at Hafod y Llan

I was at Hafod y Llan on Saturday leading another guided walk for Snowdonia National Park Authority. We were at the farm to see all renewable energy generation projects both in situ and planned. The PV project on the shed is part of the work Paul, Emyr, Arwyn and I are doing to get this demonstration farm ‘fit for the future’ with the main aim being to see if we can ‘get off oil’ and grow our own energy. If you’ve been reading the blogs you will have seen the work on hydros progressing well and the work Paul is leading on the efficiency and PV side of the farm. The ‘doing’ work as now started on the PV installation. Prescient Power will be starting on site this week and a few days later we should be generating on the 10kw PV (just as we go into winter!) After all the hoo-ha last time with getting planing permission for the other sites,  as of Oct 5th in Wales we now no longer need planning permission on certain renewables even in National Parks and AONB’s (as long as we don’t face a public highway in the designated areas). we still need to be carefull in siting and designing our system.  The scaffolders were there on Saturday morning getting the building ready. I also noticed the mobile platform in the yard. Our shed is not strong enough for the wind uplift which could impact it from bolting quite a bit of PV on it. We have seen this a few times on agri sheds. The portal frames and purlins have been designed to keep the simple roof on and not to do what we are now asking of it. Solar power was not in the design brief when we started designing the shed 8 years ago. The two other sheds we installed PV on were designed with more enough flexibility in them (Cwrt and Ynysgain sheds) The Pv should be finished by the end of the week…hopefully (but it’s blowing a hoolie out there at the moment!)

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One Response to Snowdon farm solar PV power station and our shed is not strong enough!

  1. Brielle says:

    This is great! My husband and I have been looking for farm sheds mainly to put in our yard. But we had an idea to put solar panels on them as well. It would really help us financially to do this. I am glad to see that it is a good idea.

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