Fit for the Future Network – Victim support group for delivering environmental solutions

A network to deliver environmental solutions

Yesterday saw Keith and I in Birmingham attending the very first meeting of the “Fit for the future network”, or as David from the Welsh Government called it “a support group to ensure we do not become victims of someone else’s bright ideas”.Following on from the conference we hosted earlier in the year, we have been discussing with large organisations across the country the idea of forming a “solutions” based network which allows access to knowledge, skills and experience (both good and bad) of actually turning ideas and aspirations into delivering practical solutions on the ground. The aim of us all is to become better informed clients and gain best value delivery of environmental projects.

Simply put “why reinvent the wheel when somebody else already has the information that can help”.

Keith and I learned yesterday for example that the RNLI have just completed a marine based heat pump project, where we have been working on the Plas Newydd project in isolation. Lets just say we will be learning as much as we possibly can from Howard in the next few weeks!

Representatives from the following organisations have already joined the network –

The Scottish Court Service, English Heritage, Crown Estates, Cadw, Welsh Government, RNLI, RSPB, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Scottish National Heritage, Historic House Association, National Trust for Scotland, Museums archives and libraries of Wales, Monmouthshire County Council museums service, National Botanic Gardens of Wales, Youth Hostel Association…

We worked out yesterday that together we represent over 8 million members and have an opportunity to provide real benefit to communities across the UK.

More information on the network will follow with details of how members can access contacts and information in the coming months.

Watch this space!

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