Nothing new under the sun as the old Welsh saying goes. Hydro and lighting fires!

If you,ve been following some of the blog you’ll know the current push is around getting as many hydros up and running as possible. This includes a nice 100kw system on Afon y Cwm near Beddgelert on the Craflwyn estate. In terms of buildability it comes under the ‘nice’ category. Access, storage area, grid availability, track and pipe route.

Old Craflwyn and new Craflwyn hydro site. the remains of the ditches in the foreground (honest!) are the remains of the old hydro system. we can’t fully follow the old route since they took water from one river and fed it back into another. We like moving the water back into its original water course so as to not confuse any migrating fish

We where up the mountain last week doing something that seems to come with hydro development. A lot of walking up and down the route. That day we were around the weir site looking at the bypass.  (How we intended the divert the water for a while in order to build the new weir). The plan is to use what look like an old leat / filled in ditch which exits near the weir. Running parallel with this project is the ‘hidden hydro project I am researching (finding old abandoned pre war hydros) . A few days before I had found for myself the fact that the farm we are building this hydro on had its own old hydro and the generator is still in the shed further down. (I had only worked in the area for 10 years and had not known of this hydro!) The said leat near our intended weir point is in fact the leat or take off for that old hydro. Looks like we have chosen a good place since its unbeknown to me been used before for hydro! another old saying comes to mind ‘hawdd cynna tan ar hen aelwyd’ its easy lighting a fire when one has been before” The hidden hydro project is in fact looking for these old ‘fire sites’….i wonder if a few can be relit…?

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