Electric vehicles and EV charging points. Will they work for the National Trust?

This is the question we have been asking ourselves over the last few weeks and have decided to do something about it. In the next few weeks we are embarking on a large trial for the National Trust. The team in Wales with support of our Corporate partnership team and the procurement team are hoping to launch an ambitious trail and evaluation. Electric vehicle technology is moving at a pace but there are still questions around suitability, something called ‘range anxiety’ , is its 16 0r 32amp chargers or even rapid charging. Are the charging points suitable for the vehicles we are using, will the vehicles suite the team in Wales or will we need to change the way we work?  The questions pile up

The Kangoo and Fluence electric vehicles we will be running in the next few months

We have been set the electric vehicle challenge by Justin the regional director. The country / regional team have launched into this. Thanks very much to Renault who have kindly loaned for up to 4 months 2 Kangoo electric vans which will be used at our countryside properties of Llanerchaeron and Hafod y Llan. Two of the Fluence cars which will be used at our main Wales office ‘hubs’ in Llandudno in N Wales and Dinefwr in S Wales. The 5th vehicle will be used by Justin the Regional Director. Sort of putting his money where his mouth is on this project.

The work immediately in front of us is to get a network of charging points out there. Another kind offer has come from British Gas who are helping by surveying all of our properties in Wales for suitable charing points. Ideally we would like to have all corners of Wales covered (there is a big hole in the UK map of EV charging points when it comes to Wales ) and we would also like to offer these sites to our visitors. Then we get into electricity supply, insurance, liability…the list goes on but the best way to deal with them is to do it and work the problems out. (see the quote at the top of the main blog page – The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” Walt Disney)

Increasing fuel costs, carbon impact. Let work to make it better and easier for our visitors

Lets see how we go? Have a feeling we are about to learn a lot! (see no mention of problems!) At the end of the day if they work for the NT in Wales then they will work anywhere! This though is only a small part of the overall travel strategy which includes vehicle review, video conference roll out, car sharing planning for staff, volunteers and visitors. Personal travel planning and so on. watch this space!

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12 Responses to Electric vehicles and EV charging points. Will they work for the National Trust?

  1. mikekirwin says:

    Well done for even attempting to get this off the ground. And best of luck with it. The Old Creamery outside Rhydymain would be a great location for a charging point. It’s bang in the middle from Bala and Dolgellau (9 miles each way)

    • Keith Jones says:

      thanks – it makes interesting planning. rapid charge points which take 20mins but not many cars can take it. what makes a good charger? logging our energy use and then tracking it agains fuel use. cars which claim 160 miles actually mean 70 miles in wales, in winter and carrying a load. But i have to say the whole industry is open and honest. from charger suppliers to car manufacturers

      • mikekirwin says:

        Range anxiety could be substantially reduced with charging points in rural locations. But we also need a battery revolution and more (low carbon) electricity to make the transition to low carbon transport. And then we’ll need to generate a lot more low carbon electricity to satisfy the increased demand.

      • Keith Jones says:

        agree with you – batteries are getting better, charging points getting better (rapid charger can do the job in less than 20mins – but not many cars can take it at the moment) we are looking to see if we can get 13 – 18 points out there in the next few months. I’m sure when the first benz car came out in the C19 they would not have thought of traveling over 100 miles “where would they get the fuel?”

  2. welsh paul says:

    could the trust work in partnership with british gas to install charging points in the car parks of its properties then charge members a discount price to charge their car while they visit?Non members could be charged a standard charge set by British gas and the trust.As a lot of the national trust properties are in rural places i think many more people would swap to electric cars without the usual range anxiety issues

    • Keith Jones says:

      thanks for this Paul. we are rolling out charge points to most of the NT car parks in Wales. these will be free for a trial period. thinking of a couple of years. we are also in discussion with BG and a few others to see how this can grow. we saw a Wales sized hole for EV and are trying to fill it with charge points. others are working with us. sort of pump priming. thanks again

  3. T Willows says:

    Would it be possible to produce a list of properties that have EV charging in one place on one page so visitors could easily access this page without looking at each property page. It would make choosing where to visit much easier for the Electric Car Driver

    • Keith Jones says:

      That is a really good idea. We will also put and EV comment against each property on the main NT website property info. Thanks for the useful suggestion. Keith

  4. Dave Hawley says:

    Hello, I have just bought a EV car and would like to vist Wales/National Trust sites but I can’t find a full list of charge points in Wales. Does any one have list of charge points and cost and contact details.

  5. d pimblett 3 torquay drive wn5 7jg says:

    hi.some time ago I contacted Conwy tourism re the installation of charge points but I have seen no progress so far.The ideal solution,at least for theLEAF ,would be a network of fast,i.e. 50 amp, charge points with perhaps hotels providing access to 16 amp supplies for overnight charging for their customers. This would suit tourists as well as residents.At present Wales has become off limits to ev owners,a pity when cleanliness of the environment is so desirable in areas such as rural Wales

  6. Eddie Palmer says:

    This is fantastic because I will start driving my Nissan leaf this September, great idea

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