The incandescent is dead long live the new incandescent (LED)

When Iain from heritage lighting showed his latest development in LED bulbs a couple of days ago I felt a eureka moment. With so much complaining about the demise of the incandescent and the views held around the CFL bulbs. The latest offering seems to blow the arguments around moving to lower energy bulbs out of the water.

to quote a Daily Mail article

‘You cannot get a compact fluorescent or an LED that does what an incandescent does – it’s physically impossible. They don’t warm up as quickly, they glow a different colour, and they are ridiculously expensive.’ Ian Fursland, managing director of The Lamp Company in Hertfordshire

Now that a beauty

Paul and I have worked with Iain over the last months to ‘tune’ the colour rendition, colour temp to emulate the familiar tungsten filament light. I think people would find it almost impossible to tell the difference. The main difference being an 87% saving in energy and an expected lifetime of 35,000hrs. Yes its more expensive but does payback within reason. If the big 6 carry on doing what they are doing to energy prices it will payback much quicker!


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2 Responses to The incandescent is dead long live the new incandescent (LED)

  1. tomeeagle says:

    Looks very cool, do you think you will introduce them to the cottages?

  2. Keith Jones says:

    dont see why not – its the candle bulb but with a new top on. cost is roughly the same! (the tops are screw fit and so change to suit the situation)

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