A Second Hello from London and South East

Hello I’m Claire! I’m currently interning with Jane (a few posts below) with the London South East Environmental Practices team. I’m helping to update internal communications, mainly through creating case studies for the intranet. As a result I have been able to see many of the brilliant environmental projects happening in the region.

Although I’m only here for a little while longer – I would like to share some of the things I have seen: from renewable energy installations to environmentally-friendly ways staff have found to do their everyday work.

To give you a bit of background about me, I finished my Masters last year at King’s College London in Environment, Politics and Globalisation and I’ve now – finally – been let out into the real world!

If this is the real world then it’s rather good – wandering around ancient castles and beautiful woodlands, and seeing these old buildings get brought up to date with new, green technologies and practices.

I think my need to get my hands dirty led me to the Trust. The picture above is me in a recycling bin – in fact one of the questions they asked before I joined was “would I be up for getting in a bin?” Thankfully, the answer was yes (but this practice is reserved for only very special occasions).

About claireolivernt

Hello! I work with the Environmental Practices team for the London & South East (LSE) National Trust.
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2 Responses to A Second Hello from London and South East

  1. Keith Jones says:

    welcome over to the Green side!

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