Hello from London and South East

Hello!  I’m Jane Fletcher, one of the two Environmental Practices Advisers in London and South East and colleague of Keith and Paul.  Keith has kindly (bravely?) suggested that he open up this blog so that other regional Environmental Practice Advisers can chip in.   

Cheesy photo of me looking at solar generation statistics at our head office in Swindon

Although the roles of an Environmental Practices Adviser are the same throughout the National Trust, every region has different priorities and ways of working.  For me, work seems to be split in two main ways…. Firstly, I spend a lot of time on region-wide projects.  We have a large, ongoing Energy Efficiency Project – the details of which I will save for another post!  We are also gearing up for the roll out of the Green Dragon Environmental Management Standard which was piloted in Wales and we have recently undertaken our first trial Green Dragon property visit at Uppark.

I also spend a great deal of time helping our properties with a whole range of ad hoc environmental issues large and small.  Recent questions have included ‘Why do my meter reads not match up with my electricity bills?’  ‘How can we reduce the number of times that we have our cess pit emptied now that our new tea room has opened?’ and the regular ‘Is there any funding available for my proposed renewable energy installation?’.  The role of an EPA is varied and fun (mostly!).  You have to be a lid-lifter in this role, ready to peer into sewage systems or lift the lids of rubbish bins – natural curiosity helps!

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5 Responses to Hello from London and South East

  1. Great first blog Jane. When you took the job, was it in answer to an advert wanting “lid lifter for cess pits and sewage systems”? or perhaps they packaged it in a more tempting fashion !
    Funding is always the biggest hurdle with renewables, but fortunately there are several ways that particular cat can be skinned.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Keith Jones says:

    welcome to the dark side. Blogging sort of takes over a part of your life. looking forward to reading from a fellow environmental doer.

  3. janefletchernt says:

    Thanks to both of you for the welcome! Carl – I applied for this job from within the National Trust so I knew what I was getting into!… and I seem to remember that was more-or-less the job description!

  4. Paul Southall says:

    Lifting lids is the fun bit! Or is it me? Welcome to the weird world of blogging.

  5. Andy Lewis says:

    Good to see you at Uppark House and Garden the other day Jane, great blog post and thanks for the mention!

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