Community hydro – lets see whats out there. Oh and global mention of our work

ps not Anafon. Surveying a river profile in order to calibrate their stream flow monitor. Or two blokes playing with a toy boat

We are moving into the next phase of the Anafon community hydro. Getting under the skin of the habitat. Lets see if the development is possible, benign and works with its location. We are looking at the ecological, archaeological features of the site.

Having consulted with the statutory bodies it’s now  case of surveying, investigating, screening. The archaeological aspect at best can only be a simple site survey and research until we know where and how . The grassland fungus survey is now complete. This has to be delivered very quickly. We basically had a two-week window or we would have had to wait another year (a byheck its  a good fungus year) We now getting into bryophytes, lichens, otters, birds, trees, invertebrates, fish … a long list…but being in a European Special area of conservation it should be.

Also looking to develop a photomontage quite quickly as well. These we have found to be superb resources to engage with everybody (from deep technical to interested parties…”…this is what we are taking about”

Interestingly we have just had a mention in the Fujitsu Global Sustainability report. This report focuses on businesses missing opportunities for cost and energy-saving.

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2 Responses to Community hydro – lets see whats out there. Oh and global mention of our work

  1. Congratulations on appearing in the Fujitsu report Keith – am just downloading a copy now.
    I would love to see an example of your photo montage if you have one available.
    Very much looking forward to the hydro walk this weekend.

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