really getting into the nitty gritty – renewables and insurance

The feedback from the previous blog on rates has been quite good in the “i did not realise” which is a sentiment the Valuation Office Agency themselves have come across again and again. (probably more awareness raising needed) We have been further delving into the murky world of insurance and renewables…and its an emerging market out there from what we have experienced from the mainline insurers

Both Paul and I met with a risk manager for our insurance underwriters and discussed both the ongoing work and the future potential. The discussion ranged far and wide and included – security and mitigation on ground mounted PV. PV and the perception of fire risk from the very rare failing isolation switches, fire brigades still learning how to deal with or work around pitched roof with PV on it especially if there has a roof fire exit window. Load baring ability of the roof. Then we got onto fire rating of natural insulation (E to C normally with mineral fibre A to A+) and necessity for mitigation factors. Biomass was a whole world of questions in terms of location (remote or built-in the mansion) fire suppression beyond building regs if needed (severity vs likelihood) back up heating or no back up eg what if the system failed and the pipe in the mansion froze solid causing a catastrophic leak over the ‘old master’ (this we plan for you’ll be glad to know)

before we ended in the world of hydro and its building and operation. when does the contracts insurance kick in and then finish, when does ours? (there have been issues the insurance company have seen in the commissioning hand over phase in terms of uncertainty) storage yards, delivery issues and the list goes on. But as they say good boundaries make good neighbours. From this thought-provoking meeting and looking at his horrific ‘there but for the grace of god go i’ insurance ‘you’ve been framed’ slide show we are ok with our approaches but still feel that as always there is room to improve so that everyone knows who’s doing or covering what. If you’re doing or receiving renewables check the cover and where its starts and ends and then tell the client or contractor.

we really must get out more!

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