Low cost high quality micro hydro. Hafod y Llan Gorsen hydro

farm is bottom left behind the green field. The photo was taken from the weir point. I think we have enough head! (115m)

Spent the day at Hafod y Llan finalising arrangements for developing the 15kw hydro on the small Gorsen stream on the southern flanks of Snowdon. As some of you know who have been following the blog we have been working on redoing the 1892 Watkin hydro on the Hafod y Llan farm. The purpose of this demonstration hydro is that it had to be low-cost , high quality with a reasonable payback. In essence something which could be replicated in terms of approach by any landowner (each hydro is different). I think we have it!

Today we confirmed with TGV hydro from South Wales (offshoot of the Green Valleys Initiative ) that they will be developing the 15kw hydro. The main aspects of the hydro involve bolting on a take-off on the original Watkin small dam, pulling a 160mm diameter  pipe up the mountain, constructing a larch (locally source) power house near the main access road. The (Hydrolite) Turgo turbine will be manufactured in S Wales.

What does this all mean?

the 160mm pipe on the Gorsen hydro will be on the surface but will soon be covered by leaf litter and vegetation

  • The budget for the build is £65k (give or take contingency and prelims)
  • this works out at £4333 per Kw installed (normal micro and peco systems are 2 to three times this price per kw)
  • we aim for it to pay back in less than 7 years
  • the power will be going through the farm meter and also supplying nearby businesses and  tenants through the farm main meter and sub meters (this is another blog on the how and contracts)

will get into the details of the what and how in later blogs. But looks like we can deliver on our vision of a low-cost, quality and replicable micro hydro

the small lake built in 1992 to serve the original Watkin hydro

Today was all about the how and when we were going to build. Looks like we will be on the ground and building at the end of Nov and completed in a few months give or take supply and weather. Paul was also at the farm looking at lowering the energy use of the site – PV, heat pumps, biomass, LED and so on…but again a whole new blog in its self

ps for those of you coming on the hidden hydro walk on the 20th of Oct we will be passing and discussing the site of these new and old hydros!

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3 Responses to Low cost high quality micro hydro. Hafod y Llan Gorsen hydro

  1. Great to see this fantastic little scheme moving ahead. Can’t wait to see work starting on the ground. Da iawn chi!

  2. Dylan Wyn says:

    Ie wir, da iawn chi. Ond mae angen i’r sawl sydd mewn awdurdod i wneud y broses o ddatblygu a gosod systemau bach ar gyfer cartrefi yn haws, ar hyn o bryd mae’r cyfan yn cael ei ddifetha gan fiwocratiaeth.

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