Fit for the Future – Focus on Gower

Sometimes you realise just how lucky you are to work for the National Trust – yesterday was one such day!

I spent the day down on the Gower peninsula looking at energy efficiency progress and next steps. 

First stop was The Rectory Holiday Cottage. Located in, to my mind, the most beautiful setting on Rhossili beach. The Old Rectory dates back to at least the 1850’s and possibly even further back to monastic times and faces directly out to sea with spectacular views of Worms Head.

Gordon James (building surveyor) and I went through the cottage reviewing lighting, insulation, heating, windows and draft exclusion to name but a few elements. We left with a recommendation list comprising “quick wins” to the more costly elements such as secondary glazing.

My favourite NT building on the Gower has to be the Coastguard look-out which is operated by the National Coastwatch Institution. Built in the 1890’s above the causeway to Worms Head it is a fantastic example of adaptation of an historic building so that it can continue to fulfil it’s original purpose into the 21st century.




We carried out a project to restore the lookout using traditional materials, and to make it “fit for purpose” as an integral part of the UK search and rescue structure.

Power is provided via a small wind turbine charging batteries. These batteries then power the 12 volt lighting system.







Heating is provided via the Ecoteck pellet stove.










Other measures include rainwater harvesting and composting toilet facilities. All-in-all a great building. Coastguard Lookout

The NT also take care of the Coastguard cottages (shop and holiday cottages) which look out across Worms head. Overall a stunning place to spend time.


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One Response to Fit for the Future – Focus on Gower

  1. tomeeagle says:

    Looks like you lucked out with the weather, hope it’s as nice when I head down there!

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