Ashden Gold Award – what next? Developing the ‘fit for the future’ work.

…and what next?
(Tryfan number one son looking at the big wheel at Quarry Bank Mill.)


Quick update following the hooha of the awards ceremony. What next after we all patted ourselves on the back. …? Simon from the Ashden team spent some time with us looking at the what next aspect (see his blog) Things have been moving and we are trying to spread the love as they say. The challenge of the Award was to grow the idea and take it to the next level. The £20k award is there to pump prime this growth –

to date

  • We have been discussing was quite a few organisations across the country to form a solutions based network (Fit for the future network). We have had a 100% positive response to this suggestion. Paul and I are working on what this entity looks like but it should be grounded on sharing, debunking and providing solutions based on the memberships experience
  • Following various requests for assistance the team here in Wales have also been looking at forming an external consultancy to help others with their environmental approaches. we have agreed to pilot this approach with Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. We will be reviewing, suggesting and mentoring the National park team with energy and environmental management at their various buildings and offices. Lets see what the pilot produces
  • Working with other Ashden winners. we are currently working with Liftshare to investigate what ‘Liftshare’ would look like for staff, volunteers and visitors in Wales. time wil tell…
  • BIG BLOG – In the coming weeks we will soon be welcoming 6 new contributors to this blog. Our environmental colleagues from the South West, East of England, North West and London and South East will also be sharing their experiences and the odd opinion.
  • The call on our time for presentations continues to grow. Supported by Ashden we are presenting in London in a few weeks at our general approach to energy management in the heritage sector. This is a toe dipping exercise before something much bigger…more on this later!
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One Response to Ashden Gold Award – what next? Developing the ‘fit for the future’ work.

  1. Kathryn says:

    What about your poor neighbours over the boarder in the Midlands?? 😉

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