Devils in the detail – PV shading at Plas Newydd.

Mr Southall persuading the final twigs that the PV would be fine without them

…and what did we do this morning? We generated more renewable energy with the use of a pruning saw! From the monitoring work on each of the PV’s Plas Newydd energy production has stood out in that its running behind the others across Wales. Some of this (4% ish) probably to do with the line losses from the 700m of cable to the mansion (the mansion consumes all of the PV energy rather than exporting it to the nearby grid)

Three 50kw mansion PV systems across Wales. Spot the one with the shading issues?

On further inspection quite a bit of the losses could also be attributed to some shading from small branches of a couple of Ash and Oak trees. When we installed the system in March the branches were nice and high. Add in the weight of the leaves and the resultant sagging was shading the PV. We did something about it this morning with some formative pruning. The moral of the story is keep an eye on stuff and monitor / compare to see what you should be generating. Those branches were probably responsible for the 20% difference between the Penrhyn 50kw and the Plas Newydd 50kw 

Early morning sun hitting the far end of the array. The branches were restricting this light.

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3 Responses to Devils in the detail – PV shading at Plas Newydd.

  1. Evans, Sioned says:

    Where is the hard hat and goggles Mr Southall – Health and Safety will be after you!!!!!

    Cofion Gorau / Best Wishes Sioned Evans


  2. tomeeagle says:

    Good that it was a simple solution! It amazes me when you see some PV arrays located in obviously shaded areas, and wind turbines with trees around!

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