Community Hydro – Anafon from a different perspective

The perspective being one from above. Our flying archaeologist Kathy also took these images of the Anafon valley. The project is moving forward and we (the project team) are getting ready for our first major piece of survey work. That of archaeology. The area is famed as one of the sites with an unbroken occupation for almost 4000 years. Meetings are now coming on thick and fast as well as the paper work – grid application, abstraction pre application, legal considerations. With the survey work I have every confidence we will find something rare, fragile and significant (as there should be on every hydro site) the question is how we work with, around,  mitigate, avoid and plan.

this image was taken a few weeks back. the mountain side has now erupted in a purple heather haze

I was up the Anafon valley today with Paul and Rob Jarman the National Trusts Director of Sustainability. Don’t tell anyone but the valley is stunning and little visited. one of those hidden jewel places. the work we are looking at has to be low impact and work with this special area. (Although because of the reservoir at the end of the valley access is not a problem because of the existing track) before planning a journey work out where you area starting from…hence the need to survey and understand

the proposed weir point is fairly central in this image near the sheep fold

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2 Responses to Community Hydro – Anafon from a different perspective

  1. geoffnelder says:

    Wonderful views. I’ve often considered the Anafon to be a kind of ‘hidden’ and secret valley in that there are rarely hikers in the valley itself even though plenty of people can be found on the ridge waks to Drum and around. So much a hidden valley that I used it for much of my science fiction medical mystery, ARIA: Left Luggage, using the local geography to good effect.

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