Quarry Bank Mill – Busmans Holiday – oh and old hydros!

Engineering at Quarry Bank Mill is spectacular! The Great Water Wheel Installed in 1819. The Hewes water wheel is the most powerfull in Europe,

Just had a week off and went away to the Midlands with the rest of the Joneses. On the way back we popped into Quarry Bank Mill. A property i know in passing having looked under the bonnet a couple of times with colleagues. (greatest collection of LED bulbs in the NT!) This was the first time as a ‘visitor’ with a family. I was not disappointed. Big engineering, hydros, family engagement. ‘time well spent?’ …it was!

Quarry Bank Mill does ‘BIG’ very well.

The cotton mill  is a spectacular building and plenty going for it but i was there unofficially to see the engineering and specifically the old hydros. I found a few more than I thought was there. 3 in fact.  The engagement for Beca, Alis and Tryfan was superb and the best i have seen for explaining water power

Stunning array of old hydros. The Francis turbine in the centre can still opperate but has head ‘issues’ and water availability. A good day (sad i know!)

The building itself is also undergoing an evaluation optimising its heating and heat retention. Guess where the biggest gains are? (count the windows!)

…and whats next for the site? Its going back to its roots and using the river Bollin again to power the site. The next year or so should see the instillation of a new 50kw hydro which will use the C18 wier. Nothing new under the sun as they say!

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4 Responses to Quarry Bank Mill – Busmans Holiday – oh and old hydros!

  1. Mike Pepler says:

    Nice! I remember going there on school and family trips, and seeing the water wheel come back into operation after being out of action for many years…


  2. looks like one to add to my list of places to visit!

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