Holiday Cottages – Volunteer energy efficiency work continues

Thought it would be good to offer an update on the Environmental review work our volunteer Tom Eagle has been carrying out across National Trust holiday cottages following our earlier blog –

“Become a National Trust volunteer”

Tom’s Mission ( and he chose to accept it) was to carry out more in-depth reviews across our Wales holiday cottage portfolio. Producing individual reports and plans –

Tom has now completed reviews of the North Wales cottages, and has brought all of the information together into summary table which forms the basis of our action plan.

Holiday Cottage summary table

Business case costings for each efficiency measure – whether it be lighting, insulation or the opportunity to incorporate renewable technologies – are currently being finalised by Keith and I.

As a portfolio of properties the holiday cottages provide a unique opportunity to share with our visitors those efficiency measures that can be incorporated into their own homes.

Over the coming months Tom will be carrying out reviews of our South Wales cottages in order to provide a full detailed appraisal of the opportunities to make them even more efficient.

ps – For those of you wondering what Egryn Holiday cottage looks like inside, see below – stunning!

Egryn Medieval Hall and 19th century Parlour


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