Hafod y Llan on Snowdon – growing energy Fit for the future?

Last few days have been spent with various contractors at Hafod y Llan on Snowdon looking at energy and how we can grow more of it on the farm. The large hydro is progressing well. The small 15kw Gorsen hydro is advancing well (should be building in the next few months) and am getting fit climbing the hill with various contractors to view the weir point….and what a view! Farms are perfect as energy growing hubs – they have room and often have the environmental resource. This can be run in conjunction to the food production and conservation stewardship.  It’s not all about KWh’s either. Arwyn the farm manager is looking into harnessing this electricity to grow energy crops at the farm for the cattle we use for conservation grazing. This is instead of having to bring in so much winter fodder.

Weir with a view. Hafod y Llan farm far below will derive its day to day energy from this site.














We are also in the scoping stage for the 5kw Afon Erch hydro. (low-cost and replicable with a decent payback) More to come on this later. The 614Kw Afon  Cwm Llan hydro is in the final stages of planning and John the project manager is happy with the over all progress of the project in terms of quality and cost. Whats ahead for the farm in terms of growing and its energy. the highlights include

25kw wood pellet biomass is already feeding the offices

  • 614Kw hydro (planning should be through – cross fingers – in the next three weeks)
  • 15kw Hydro (planning in place – waiting to appoint a contractor – next few weeks)

the farm also has the potential for a further 2 x 100kw hydros on the opposite side of the valley. but first things first. lest finish what we have on the go

Paul is current scoping

  • Biomass / heat pump for the farmhouse (replace the oil range cooker)
  • insulation and secondary glazing
  • 10kw of PV is possible on the new cattle shed
  • LED lighting

wonder if an AD would work here…let see?

Added value

private wire system is more than feasible to supply a tenanted cottage and 2 businesses in the area. This is being looked into now

Potential 10kw solar power station feeding into the private wire distribution system

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4 Responses to Hafod y Llan on Snowdon – growing energy Fit for the future?

  1. I like the idea of the farm ‘growing’ energy

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