Tredegar House Newport. Treasure house and house of opportunity

Tredegar house from the stables. lets see what we can do with the team here in the coming years (iPhone)

Today was the first proper day Paul and I have been introduced to the latest member to the National Trust family. Tredegar House near Newport in S East Wales. Other websites can do justice to the history and rich heritage of this C17 mansion . We were being introduced by the new property manager Joanna to the house from a “green guru’ perspective as she called us (better than green ninja as i have heard) With a large mansion comes large opportunities. for those of you who follow the blog – the mantra has always been – first know where your starting from? Manage what you have better…then start to change stuff and add the green technology. This is what we are about to embark on with the team at the property

Stitched Panorama of the stables next to the mansion. Resplendent with its huge beamed roof and Darlek (leftovers from filming) (iPhone)

On first introduction we could see the need for LED, insulation and so on. But first things first. Put, Put, Put as Arwyn the farm manager in Hafod y Llan said. Input, Throughput and Output. know whats going on before we recommend any major improvements.

If you find yourself on or near the M4 pop over and have a look. Or track the environmental work through this blog over the next few years

ps. as well as the hidden hydro project i have also been discovering for myself the mystery mills. I am a happy (if a little sad) person. Tredegar has its very own watermill next to the Mansion. Looking forward to getting under the bonnet of another mill. For me this was really unexpected in the middle of a developed area with no obvious water source.

The privilege of working for the National Trust… You get to see under the bonnet! Top left picture. Mill building, line-shaft, 2Hp motor and a bad phone image from the murky wheel pit room. looking forward to finding out more…wonder if its had electrical generating capacity. Have a feeling it might have had?



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