Energy – How things are going so far

I have been doing some useful analysis on the Energy usage across Wales by resource type (the split between oil, natural gas, LPG, grid electricity and renewables) since we began our work in 2009.

It makes interesting reading (and really nice graphs)

  • In our baseline year 2009/2010 all of National Trust Wales electricity came from the National Grid
  • So far to date this year 11% of this electrical need is being met by renewables








As the Aberdulais Falls waterwheel refurbishment reaches completion, together with the hydroelectric generation work Keith is leading on, this percentage of electricity being met from renewables will be increasing throughout the year.

  • At the end of our 2009/2010 baseline period the resource split for our heating usage was –







Following the drive to reduce our dependancy on fossil fuels across our properties the picture is now somewhat different –








At the end of the last business year 30% of our heating requirement was being met by renewables.

As those of you who follow the blog regularly will know, further work is currently underway to harness the heat from the Menai Straits in order to provide for the Plas Newydd heating requirements. This will see a further 25% reduction in the usage of oil to heat our properties.

In total to date some 975 MWH of demand is being met from renewable sources.

Add into this the ongoing efficiency work which has to date seen 40% reduction in energy usage across National Trust Wales properties. Things are coming together nicely.

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