Aberdulais Falls – waterwheel nearly complete

Work is progressing well down at Aberdulais Falls waterwheel refurbishment.

We have lifted the 16 tonne wheel and taken the gearbox and generator off-site for renovation –

We have taken care of the old wiring –

We have used precision tools to free up seized bolts –

We have replaced bearings, gaskets and refabricated worn parts –

The pieces of metal in the top left of the picture are the old remnants of bearings which had disintegrated.

Then all built up and back together again.


Te-bar (the specialist contractors who have been doing a fantastic job on the wheel) informed us that previously the wheel would only ever have generated 15kw due to the shaft being warped. They have now fixed this and it is anticipated that generation should be closer to a constant 20kw.

Expecting the gearbox back early next week and completion by the end of the week.

In the meantime the wheel sits waiting to return once more to its former generating glory.

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2 Responses to Aberdulais Falls – waterwheel nearly complete

    • Keith Jones says:

      I do have to pinch myself when i think that i have a job which pays me to do this! Up the side of Snowdon tomorrow to re-look at the 1892 Watkin hydro. We have the planning permission in place to get the system generating again. All the best and thanks for the regular feedback

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