Water, Water, Water – did you know Snowdonia is wet? Call in at St Julitta

The friends of st Julitta near Capel Cerig launching the latest exhibition

Water, water, water is the name of the latest exhibition in the smallest church in Snowdonia. St Julitta is cared for by a dedicated band of volunteers who for the past 11 years have hosted an annual information / exhibition around certain heritage / historical aspects of this corner of the National Park. Last year they looked at the second world war and the area. This year they are focusing on water and how it has impacted the social  and economic development in this part of Snowdonia. I was contacted a few weeks ago by one of the organisers (Harvey Lloyd) for any relevant information. This included the hydro we intend to build on Snowdon and historic hydros such as the previously reported Dyffryn Mymbyr one. If your passing Capel Ceirig and have a few mins to spare please pop in (can’t miss the signs on the way through to Dyffryn Mymbyr)


The historic hydros project i also mentioned previously has now grown a tad and this has been submitted to the heritage lottery to consider. ‘The North Wales hidden hydros’ (looking at pre war systems) looks like there are up to 400 out there. More to come on this

Couple of images on way through to St Julitta

When you pass Lockwood’s lake near the Pen y Gwryd Hotel you might see this bit of the first world war . Its not everyday you come across a German U Boat gate valve (comes from a scrapped U-boat from Porthmadog in 1922) hidden history

Strange cloud formation above Snowdon. It probably has a name. answers on a post card!

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